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Loughdown in Loughcrew: Creation in the midst of Adversity

The world shutters to a stop! The unexpected turn of events of this covid-19 has turned each of our lives upside down. The ripples extended even, yes, into the land of the Ever Young. Nothing is as it was and perhaps never will be again. Here, we found ourselves subject to restrictions not of our own making. Stood still in time. Fairies caught in this world unable to return to our safety of Tir Na óg. We were only passing through but found ourselves stopped by checkpoints by gloved officials wearing masks. Access to our loved ones was denied. It was here in the parish of Oldcastle we found ourselves. Huddling in a ditch, at the base of Loughcrew, wide eyed and watching the unfolding of a pandemic. It was here, we did what was natural and asked the ancient ancestral mother of the hill, the Cailleach for guidance. We knew of none as powerful and wise as the goddess of the winter. She was taken and known to support you whenever you face hard times, sadness or grief, as well as to honour and bless those who have passed over. She was shrewd amidst this madness. She told us of how the formation of the land started with an act for something greater than herself. She took time to tell of the ways in which she shaped the Earth throughout all its long ages. Her biggest gift was the knowledge of how to take responsibility for the world and not wait around for someone else to do it. It was her that offered us a trail of breadcrumbs to proceed with what transpired. A nettle got pulled at, then a briar got snipped, Before you knew it the ditch was cleared and we could see space for us to build little homes for ourselves. As our homes developed and space grew, locals in the area who walked began to smile, beaming at our little fire with the teapot singing a merry song, in tune with the bubble of Tobar Tobin. It was down the source of the Inny our fireside dreamings of what could be travelled. We would offer an invitation to each of the 32 counties to pay their respects and receive the advice of the Cailleach by active participation and revival of Ireland. Meath of course heard the call first and a strong bench and a sturdy stone bridge appeared, marking this sacred place at the cailleach’s feet. Dublin hurried along shortly after and laid flagstones in around the well so she could be visited with greater ease. Honourable mischief began to brew within our minds and before long we dream walked into the mind of Wicklow. We whispered in Wicklow’s ear as it slumbered. As the dawn broke, Wicklow arose with purpose and set to carving a magnificent stone for the well. There was an appearance a few weeks later and the stone carved was placed beautifully to honour the CAilleach’s wisdom and her well. It twasnt long before Cavan got wind of the competition between counties forming and not being left behind pursued their stonemason to visit the mighty well of the hag. He added his respect, without an inch of tightness to be found . Cork shortly followed, and within ‘no time at all, boy!’ a community garden was laid. Kildare was tight upon Cork heels with the digging as they offered their veneration. Flowers began to arrive, sourced from the local businesses around Oldcastle. The bees were not long in the following. Soon the frogs and birds and the mighty badgers arrived. As did the fox and hedgehog. Mothers began to bribe their children to finish their homework with visits to the Fairy Village and the well. A beautiful unicorn called Jemima arrives and has been helping us spread the project to all the boys and girls of Ireland, you can check out more about Jemimas Tea Party on her very own YouTube Channel, It has become a space for people to have a chat while being able to observe social distancing. Houses began to appear for us that we did not build. We have been touched at the community that has formed here. We, as representatives of the Fairy Council of Ireland have decided to stay. We are inspired by the resilience of this Island and wish to aid ye in the recovery from this dark time. We feel we can help by offering support to people within their autonomous empowerment to affect positive change. We want to make the whole of Ireland a place that is abundant as a way of life and not an award. We would like to take this opportunity to say The Fairies have returned to offer our Help.

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