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In Ireland, we take pride in our cultural heritage surrounding Holy Wells, and we commemorate it.

All is Well is a devoted organization that strives to locate, document, revive, and uphold the Holy Wells of Ireland.

Our primary objective is to promote community involvement and accountability for the conservation of each well, as we endeavor to contribute to the preservation of our magnificent homeland.

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I have spent the last few years researching, documenting and gathering information on the practical interaction with water. I am an avid mythologist, water caretaker and passionate about Ireland. I believe the key to remembrance is to reconnect with ecology through spirituality. I feel within Ireland, our spirituality is deeply rooted in practical participation with the earth. I humbly offer this island my discoveries so that others might be empowered to begin to care for their water source. 

Within the last few years, I have visited more wells than I can count, heard stories and lore that make my head swim with the amount. I’ve been covered in all manner of muds and sludge and tasted some of the freshest most restoring waters on this land. I’ve sat, slept, worked, laughed, cried, and rejoiced in the most inspiring locations full of peace and reverence, I've tied rags, made Brigit's crosses, and spent many hours in prayer. I covered myself in the healing clays and lifted my voice in song. I've attended circles and bore witness to some of the most touching expressions of spirituality, I've struggled over barbed wire fences and been chased by bulls. I’ve marveled at the genius of the men long gone from this world who built these structures. I have encountered the most genuine heartfelt people along the way. Some have offered such momentous and humbling support to this journey. I’ve been challenged by some and welcomed by others. I have met myself many times with many faces through my reflection back from the waters. I have grown to understand my motivations and the sticky bits of my soul. I have challenged myself, my beliefs, and all that I am with each drop I have cleansed. I have discovered how to connect in so many other ways. 


An alchemical moment....

Healing hands on a pain body at sunrise on the ashes of the Bealtaine fire at uisneach ... these very moments in times of alignment ... it takes a moment to wash away years of misalignment.... that is life.... we don't ever have to carry what we have done for the blink of a moment filled with love the heavy can disintegrate.....


A beauty filled moment when we two women found each other here... I had not realised the pain I was actually in but that is what we do as mere humans...carry the pain blindsighted half the time the wonderful @humbledyoga_humblersounds lay her magic hands on me the pain rose to the surface needing to be on its the physical pain too so did pain in my heart...

I felt tears want to come......i almost felt them get stuck in my heart ...I allowed my heart to open bit by bit cradling my inner water that wanted to flow as saraì who is the lady of the waters released my flow .... as we sat amongst the ashes of the huge fire ....sitting in balance of the fire .... our soft waters and our powerful fire in communion with each other .... the water the fire ....







Thank you lady of the waters ....

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Jenn Zen

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