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I have Evolved

I have evolved past being a yoga teacher, past been a sound therapist. Far beyond being a mother, a good member of society. Somewhere along the line I gave up these grids and I became wild. I now I spend my time dancing under the stars, Exploring roads I never travelled. Daring myself to be braver with each day in each new way. I took ownership of me and I married a tree. I found new rules to find the Freedom of me. and found ease in the loneliness that surrounds me. I now watch and find friendship with the bees and the birds, the leaves and the seas. I fill my taste buds with Hawthorn berries. Nettles stick within my teeth, my tongue stays unstung. My hair grows abandoned and Wild like the hedgerows. I gave up caring what other people think. I spend most of my time hunting Wells, admiring the Irish man's intelligence. Marveling in his cleverness, how he formed structure in the wild and harnessed the powers of water. How much care and beauty was taken to honour our water, to keep it accessible for the community to use. The water taught me to ask myself, how are you engaged in the flow? It demanded my presence, nothing less but everything I am no matter where I am or how I am. The wells have taught me to live each day as if I could truly change the world. Some days I actually succeed. Every morning I wake to a different beautiful place, my ever revolving sitting room window. my small space has taught me to value what I truly find important, to shed everything else. I missed having space for an altar and then one day I realised my home on wheels is my constant changing alter which I now live within. My way of existing has become my spiritual practice. My way of being has become my evolution. I have become my own Centre, every interaction is the universe speaking to me. I’ve listened intently for the lessons, losing all judgement and what it should be and instead accepting what is. Like the water I continue to flow and step into my inner glow. I feel when I open my front door the world outside becomes my television screen. I feel like the world outside my van is made up, it is a fable that everybody is playing along to. I wonder where I am in this plastic filled world. I wonder where everybody has gone, on edge of what is perceived as society. do staring into their phones not even aware of me observing them. Occasionally I'm Spied and one stops and stares. I am told my eyes now stare through to one’s soul, stripping them bare leaving all their bullshit to one side. My biggest lesson is to learn to receive, to give up what I perceive. Received all with an open heart non-judgemental trusting that everything is for my highest purpose. but there is nothing ever wrong even though I might receive it to be so. Internal sense of knowing that all is perfect flow. In spite of my perceived isolation it gives me time that I never had before and within this time I realise that time is really the only currency the only thing that I truly have. time being the only commodity worth having. Something that Society is failing to remember. Running around like headless chickens, every minute of the day accounted for, not seeming to remember what we once had before. those lazy moments when you lie twine with another heart, kissing for days not on a phone that's perceived as smart, but finding instead interactions from the heart. I exist, exploring the experience of what it is to be alive, not just living within the parameters of natures harmony. I relish the bubble of language that the wild chooses to express itself within, the rustle of the tree, tell tales to me.

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